Geek Mythology Trivia answers 0x0F

Fri, 08/09/2013 - 10:33am
Screaming Circuits

The Screaming Circuits Geek Week geek mythology ECC public key is 7.

Okay. I lied. The answers aren't encrypted, but I think I'll let them out piecemeal.

Number 0x0F: Everyone has heard the trite phrase: “There are 10 types of people; those who understand binary and those who don’t.” Who’s missing?

Well, since Gray code goes: 1, 11, 10, I would have to say that the 10 types of people are those who understand binary, those who understand Grey code and those who don’t.

Of course, both the original and this brain teaser are a bit misleading. It you want to be a bit pedantic, binary generally starts at zero, so it would be 0, 1, 10 and, in the same vein, Gray code is 0, 1, 11, 10.

What we really have, in terms of who many types of people there are is:

0: People who are pedantic
1: People who know binary
10: People who don't


0: People who are really pedantic
1: People who know binary
11: People who know Gray code
10: People who don't

Ponder that the next time you see someone with a "clever" geek shirt.

Duane Benson
It's one louder than ten.



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