Who’s the fool? – Profound discoveries or elaborate pranks

Thu, 04/11/2013 - 9:44am
Chris Fox, Managing Editor

We all know the old adage that surrounds the first day of April. We’ve all taken part in or fallen victim to an April Fools prank at some point. In the contemporary realm, April Fools has taken on an entirely different persona.

April 1 used to be a day where the bully in school could yell out the hallmark and get away with tripping you in the hallway (kind of), or when you tied a rubber band around the faucet to soak the next poor soul trying to get a drink. In a time of viral marketing, April Fools Day has been rebranded to represent the comical creativity of major corporations and colleges.

No big deal. If anything, it’s another opportunity to get cheeky, Super Bowl-esque commercials.

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