Kickstarter, HP calculators, and PCB land patterns, oh my!

Mon, 10/29/2012 - 5:27pm
M. Simon

Gabriel of Gabotronics asked me to promote his kickstarter project as time was running out and he had not yet met his goal. Due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to get to the project promotion until today. Sorry Gabriel. But Gabriel is not sorry. As of this writing, with 47 hours to go, he has raised $41,542 of his $25,000 goal. That means the project will get funded. Way to go Gabriel.

For those of you into stack machines and HP Calculators, Source Forge has a nice Reverse Polish Calculator for your PC or whatever you use these days. It will do the usual decimal stuff and Hex, Octal, and Binary for those of you twiddling bits. Plus degrees, radians, and grads. Grads, in case you were wondering, is used for surveying and French artillery. The calculator is distributed under a BSD License. In other words, it is for all practical purposes free. I love the visual display of the stack the calculator provides.

I was having some trouble finding PCB land patterns for some KEMET parts. KEMET admitted that they had some deficiencies in that area and were working to to correct them. In the mean time, they suggested this land pattern generator. There is only one problem with the land generator: It will cost you. But you can try it for ten days for free. So what did I do? Since my layouts are for hand soldering, I faked it and designed my own. If it doesn't work out, all it costs is another board spin. By using OSH Park for my boards, the cost of educating myself is better than tolerable. It is cheap.

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