The Norton Report: Purchasing the Right Work Bench for Optimum Product Development

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 9:28am
Jim Norton, President, Custom Products & Services, Inc.,
As a busy design engineer, your principle focus is creating innovative electronic products that exceed your customers’ growing expectations. A big part of successful electronic product development is offering your production team a functional workspace that maximizes their ability to design and build quality products. Your laboratory’s work benches have a huge impact on your staff’s overall productivity. Purchasing and installing the right work bench for your lab often means the difference between an efficient, high-capacity output and, well, something far less than ideal.

Here are four qualities to look for in a great laboratory work bench system: 1) Work benches that accommodate future expansion plans: your next work bench system should have the ability to change with the increasing growth and demands of your production process. It is wise to develop a forecast of your company’s production needs three to five years into the future. 2) Work benches should accommodate your individual employee’s ergonomic needs: repetitive strain injuries that bring on bouts of carpal tunnel syndrome in your staff can deplete your team’s ability to work efficiently and effectively. Ergonomically designed work benches keep your staff healthy and your laboratory working around the clock (if necessary). 3) Work benches should be purchased to accommodate a litany of production trends including usage of: high-speed electric and air hand tools, central suction with variable port control, laser welding, vacuum-pressure induction casting as well as an increased usage of computers. 4) Work benches should be sold by reputable distributors that have the ability to assist you with layout & design, as well as providing you with the option of on-site installation. Customer service, after the sale, is also a key factor to consider. 


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