The top of my Holiday wish list

Thu, 12/15/2011 - 5:44am
Joe Graves, Stratus Technologies,
Joe GravesThe cool product at the top of my list is the AR quadricopter ( drone by Parrot. It is a small helicopter that is remotely controllable from an iphone, ipad or android-based device. Added bonus: It streams on-board videos back to those devices as it flies around. How cool is that? See below for a video of the quadricopter in action. 

I must say, the biggest challenge in deciding what would top my list this year was to come up with a work related use for it. After all, I want to get as much use out of my new toy as I can, so finding a way to use it during work hours is crucial. That is how the idea of management by flying was born. Why merely walk the hallways when it is possible to remotely fly through them? All it needs is a microphone and speaker for the personal touch. Let it silently glide into individual offices to peer over shoulders. Why attend a meeting in person when this baby can hover in place? It is the perfect time and effort saving management tool.

Hopefully it is powerful enough to carry a small streamer with the inspirational statement of the day. Something like “FIGHT RIGHT! Never bring a slide ruler to a knife fight.” Here’s hoping – happy holidays all!



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