Convection cooled miniature PSU increases reliability and reduces noise

Wed, 11/02/2011 - 2:24am
ECN Europe

Powerstax has introduced a convection cooling option for its N-03751-PFC Series of ultra-compact AC-DC switching power supplies. The N-03751-PFC Series is designed for outdoor and semi-sealed industrial applications and low noise office environments and its low profile will suit 1U rack mounted systems.

Picture: Powerstax

The new convection cooling option delivers 260W of output power across all output voltages and eliminates the fans and fan controllers required to cool conventional power supplies. The convection cooling option reduces costs and frees-up valuable system real-estate. As the Powerstax N-03751-PFC does not require forced air for full 260W operation, the system designer no longer has to be concerned with channelling air over the PSU, simplifying thermal design. Removing the fans also significantly increases the reliability of the Powerstax N-03751-PFC and reduces audible noise of end products, making them ideal for office environments.



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