The SolidWorks 2012 Road Show Continues

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 10:21am
Richard Doyle's Community Blog

I'm sitting in yet another "What's New in SolidWorks 2012" session today - my third this week.  I never get tired of it though, especially considereing that each presentation is "a little different", and each presenter brings something new to the table.  There are some afternoon sessions at this event, one of them features Ed Eaton.  I'll be sitting in on that one for sure.

All of the events so far this week have been great.  I've also had the opportunity to drive nearly 1000 miles so far - from Chicago to Solon, Solon to Auburn Hills, and Auburn Hills to Palatine.  The drive in last night from Michigan was truly special - a little traffic getting out of Auburn Hills, but once I reached the interstate, it got really cool.  I was driving right into a beautiful sunset on beautiful highways.  I reached the Chicago area after dark, and the view of the city skyline from the Chicago Skyway (also know as I-90) was amazing.  I'm sorry to report that I saw no indication of our crumbling infrastructure on any of my travels this week.

I've got one more event on Thurday in Davenport, Iowa.  Then it's back home for a couple of days and off to the Northwest US.  Join me in Seattle, Yakima, or Beaverton - more details later this week.



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