A couple of weeks ago the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Ad Council launched a national education campaign to help consumers save money on utility bills. Videos, tips, an “energy savings IQ” quiz, and a photo gallery on Facebook—as well as videos posted on You Tube—are designed to save money by saving energy.

Saving energy saves you money

While this idea isn’t new to Energy Savers, the concept is gaining ground as more and more people realize how easy it is.

"Americans spend about $2,000 per household on energy every year—but many of them could save a few hundred of that without changing their lifestyle," says Energy Secretary Steven Chu. "Many American families can take simple steps to reduce their energy bill, while making their homes more comfortable, and use that money for something they really need or want."

Examples of some of these steps include:

For more information on how to save money and energy at home, visit the Energy Savers website.

Chris Stewart is a senior communicator at DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which assists EERE in providing technical content for many of its websites.