Small ‘Six-Pack’ MOSFETs with higher performance for automotive applications

Wed, 05/18/2011 - 4:23pm
ECN Europe

Glyn, distributor of high-end microelectronics, offers the new RJM0603JSC MOSFET from Renesas. Intended especially for the automotive industry, the IC combines three N- and three P-channel MOSFETs with 60V drain to source voltage in a tiny HSOP20 package.

With the RJM0603JSC, Renesas introduces a compact and powerful MOSFET six-pack. The IC is AEC-Q101 qualified and thus meets today’s automotive requirements. Since space is a scarce resource in modern cars with their multitude of functions, Power-MOSFETs require ever smaller SMD packages that are nevertheless extremely powerful and robust with regard to their electrical and thermal properties. The new Power-MOSFET enables engineers to construct smaller automotive control units with higher power, e.g. for engine control.

Picture: Glyn/Renesas

With the proven “6in1” technology, it is possible to integrate six MOSFETs into the HSOP20 package with a footprint of 16 mm x 14 mm. The SMD package houses three N-channel and three P-channel MOSFETs with a drain to source voltage of 60V. Compared to six single components in a TO-252 package, the RJM0603JSC’s HSOP20 package saves about 35 % space. This results in minimizing board space as well as cost.

The drain current is 20 A with a RDS(ON) of 20 m? in N-channel respectively 40 m? in P-channel. Furthermore, the component is specified with a peak current of 80 A and an avalanche current of 20 A. It is capable of 4.5V gate drive.

Samples are immediately available at Glyn.




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