Holst Centre Brings Brain Wave Monitoring to the Home

Sun, 02/13/2011 - 4:36pm
ECN Europe

The Netherlands, 8th February The Holst Centre has made significant breakthroughs in enabling technologies for wireless EEG (electroencephalogram) systems, enabling continuous ambulatory monitoring. Its prototype EEG headset is compatible with dry electrodes and combines ease-of-use with ultra-low power electronics. The headset records high quality EEG signals and wirelessly transmits the data in real-time to a receiver located up to 10m from the system. Applications that can be envisaged with this EEG prototype system include entertainment and infotainment, for example adaptive game environment reacting to the players cognitive state, or e-learning where the difficulty can be adapted based on cognitive load; lifestyle, such as neuro-feedback; safety, for example monitoring drowsiness of drivers or cognitive load of occupational health services in action; and medical such as early warning system for epileptic patients or brain typing enabling people with motoric disabilities to communicate.

At the heart of the system is an 8-channel ultra-low-power analog readout ASIC. The ultra-low power readout ASIC consumes only 200µW and features high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) of 120dB and low noise (input referred noise of 55nV/



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