GaN Advancements Will Be Presented at Darnell’s Power Forum

Mon, 08/23/2010 - 10:33am

linneaWill enhancement mode GaN transistors (eGaN) replace power MOSFET/IGBTs in power management applications? Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion, believes it will. He he will explain why at Darnell’s Power Forum ’10 Plenary Session, on September 13th, in Chicago. His paper, “Driving eGaN Transistors for Maximum Performance,” will discuss the differences between eGaN and power MOSFETs and will show how to drive these devices to fully exploit their benefits in applications such as DC-DC conversion, Class D audio, and motion control. GaN compounds are being touted as the “best candidates” to replace silicon power devices. Adapting MOSFET driver ICs is one way to efficiently switch GaN. Lidow will also propose a specification for an “ideal” eGaN driver that would allow the designer to easily extract their full performance. 

This topic is just one of many currently “hot” power supply issues that will be discussed at DPF. These will be highlighted in upcoming columns, including:

• Smart Grid
• Energy Harvesting
• Digital Power
• Packaging
• Renewable Energy
• What Is Most Important to the Future of Power?
• Thin-film Batteries
• Micro Fuel Cells

Check this column regularly for updates! 

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