Happy First Birthday element14!

Tue, 06/01/2010 - 4:59am
Alisha Mowbray, Senior VP, innovation marketing, element14

Alisha MowbrayI can't believe it has been a year since our element14 engineering community launched. And what a year it’s been. Like many of you, the last 12 months at Premier Farnell have been stressful, tumultuous, and probably the craziest of my entire career.  At the same time, as part of the element14 team, I’ve had something to celebrate all year long--watching our “baby” take its first breaths, make a few stumbles, and then take off in new and exciting directions.

Our community now attracts more than 25,000 visitors each week from 60 countries across the globe. They’re sharing their challenges, solutions and opinions about the newest products in design engineering. Frankly, we’re proud parents, but as I reflect on what has driven this success, I think the X factor is "trust".  Because trust is the basis for any relationship, and it’s what makes a close-knit community close. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience that in my own neighborhood; we trust that we are watching out for each other, and we share interests that range from childcare to current events.

It’s these commonalities and this trust that binds us together, and the same is true for element14.  When we built our platform, our guiding principle was that there was already an ad hoc community of engineers out there who could provide one another with advice, guidance, and support - and all they needed was a global "neighborhood" in which to interact. Maybe that’s been your experience, too.


I'm proud to say that we right in trusting our instincts - the element14 community has grown beyond our expectations, not just in the number of participants, but in the depth and breadth of the discussions taking place. Topics range from how to select a microprocessor to whether or not a Paralympian athlete with an assistive device has an advantage over an Olympian. Although we have a panel of industry and supplier experts, it’s been the expertise and insight that comes from the community that has proven to be the most powerful. In fact, many manufacturers have invited engineers on element14 to “roadtest” a new product and then review it on the site.

In the US, we recently opened the element14 store, so engineers can now easily move from researching components to purchasing them, saving them time by providing the information they need next to the components they select to buy.  And all of this is evolving daily, weekly and monthly as we listen and respond to the needs of the community..


So as proud as we are of our own accomplishments, we are prouder still of the trust the community has placed in element14 and in each other.  It is our strong commitment to continue to earn this trust and listen to the real experts in the field - you.




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