From SWUGN Founder to Tarantulas

Wed, 03/17/2010 - 8:29am
Richard Doyle's Community Blog

ScottBemis_small Of the four original founding members of SWUGN, Scott Bemis is somewhat a mystery.  His contribution to the SolidWorks Community can still be seen in some of the support documentation provided to user group leaders, but shortly after 2000, work pressures forced Scott to step away from the committee.

Then...he disappeared.

I caught up with Scott late last year prior to SolidWorks World.  He's still a SolidWorks user, but has a very interesting side business - Tarantulas.  It's pretty safe to say the only website dedicated to spiders that I've ever visited is Scott's.  You can see it here.

Even though Scott wasn't able to dedicate the time necessary to remain with SWUGN, his presence at the initial meeting, and the work he did immediately following laid the groundwork for the organization as it is today.  He'll always be known as one of the founders of SWUGN, and we'll always be grateful for his contributions.




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