Cooling with multilayer capacitors

Thu, 01/28/2010 - 8:31am
M. Simon

Cooling with multilayer capacitors (MLC) is reported [pdf} by some Russian scientists. Here is an abstract from their paper.

We report the discovery of serendipitous electrocaloric (EC) effects in commercial multilayer capacitors based on ferroelectric BaTiO3. Direct thermometry records ?0.5K changes due to 300 kV cm?1, over a wide range of temperatures near and above room temperature. Similar results are obtained indirectly, via thermodynamic analysis of ferroelectric hysteresis loops. We compare and contrast these two results. Optimized EC multilayer capacitors could find applications in future cooling technologies.

This is not the first such report. if you search on the terms multilayer capacitor electrocaloric effects you can find many more papers on the subject. The above paper is referenced by NASA. You can find an earlier paper on the subject (1995) by a different author at this link.

M. Simon is a semi-retired aerospace and commercial electronics engineer. If you could use his help his e-mail address is in the sidebar at IEC Fusion Technology.


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