ECN Launches Annual 'Tops in Test' Contest

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:38am


Top 20 Quality Under TestECN magazine is announcing both a new test-oriented blog and an annual contest on Best Test Practices. The new Blog will be called "Test Practices", and will include posts on the latest news and information on any and all aspects of test and measurement technology, from processes to parts.


The new annual award is called “Top 20 Quality Under Test”, and it will recognize and honor the top 20 companies worldwide with the best quality and manufacturing practices. This determination will be achieved through audience polling and staff evaluation of candidate's processes and procedures, coupled with audience outreach through the "Test Practices" Blog.


Once the contest launches in the new year, ECN will send regular updates to the audience here on the site and via email to ECN's registered readership.


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