Now Twitter Wants to Know Where You Live

Fri, 08/21/2009 - 5:29am

Editor's Note: There is a lot of functionality I'd add to twitter (if any)  before I'd worry about location services. 

( - Burgeoning micro blogging and social networking tool Twitter has announced plans to add location based service to its platform.

To date, Twitter’s API (Application Programming Interface) has only allowed developers to roll out location based services based on the information in the ‘location’ field of a user’s account, which really could say anything.

Now the platform is gearing up to launch a feature that will add the user’s latitude and longitude to any tweet. This could allow twitter users to see content from people in their neighbourhood or city, without having to follow them first.

Naturally, the initiative raises privacy issues, and Twitter says the feature will need to be activated by participating users as it will be off by default. The company also said that it won’t store location data “for an extended period of time”.

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