Clean Coal and Nuclear Funding Cut from Stimulus

Fri, 02/13/2009 - 7:13am
Alix Paultre

paultre alixThis "compromise" is an example of the misguided cuts that have been made in the stimulus package in the name of savings. "Clean Coal" and Nuclear power are among the best alternatives to oil we have, and to cut funding for these important technologies is shortsighted and foolish. I am not a proponent of global warming, as I believe the real danger is from the pollutants we are still allowing to enter the environment. Both "Clean Coal" and Nuclear technology can provide power with a significantly reduced environmental impact (if properly managed and operated). This decision to cut this funding is wrong, and those responsible for its commission should be ashamed of themselves.  

From Grist

"The $789 billion economic-recovery bill looks good in terms of green spending, according to preliminary analysis from the Center for American Progress. The House and Senate reached agreement on the bill on Wednesday and are expected to approve it by the end of the week; President Obama hopes to sign it into law by Presidents' Day.

The bill contains at least $62.2 billion in direct spending on green initiatives and $20 billion in green tax incentives, while funding for nuclear and coal projects was dropped from the final version." story link


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