Bobbing for Energy in the Pacific Northwest

Mon, 12/17/2007 - 4:50am

Energy News: Most of Earth's surface is covered with free, green, non-depleting energy -- the movement of ocean waves -- and scientists say that power could be a major contributor to electric grids if only it were easily captured. So, researchers at universities such as Oregon State, and at start-ups such as Finavera Renewables and Ocean Power Technologies, are experimenting with special buoys that transfer movement into energy. The buoys are small, so they can be located close together. There are two potential problems. One is that nobody knows if the technology will negatively impact natural habitats. The other is where to place it -- closer to shore you've got shorter distances to transport the energy, but that's also more prime land. The New York Times has the story. (Note: external link opens in a new window.)


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