The Controversial Viability of Solar

Mon, 10/01/2007 - 12:21pm

solar-panels2Energy News: CNN posted a very solid overview story about the state of solar power. The technology, if we lived in a proverbial vacuum, can already provide all the world's energy needs by installing panels in a small corner of the Sahara. But in the real world, cost and security are massive obstacles. The story continues, "Ultimately businesses only invest in products that make economic sense, so while costs remain high, investment in solar energy will reflect that (as Exxon Mobil's head of public affairs told The Economist in an interview, 'Exxon was a big investor in solar in the 1970s. We got out of it because we couldn't make any money out of it.'). However, according to Friends of the Earth, the solar Photovoltaic industry is now the fastest growing renewable energy technology on earth, showing a market growth of 60 percent between the years 2000-2004."


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