Two Far-Fetched Energy Start-Ups

Tue, 09/04/2007 - 11:07am

e_arrows.jpghigh-voltageProductive Product: What of flying windmills and ultra, ultra, ultra-capacitors? Two such start-ups came to my attention today: SkyWindPower and EEStor (which doesn't have a web site). Both of these plans are real but of questionable science. In the first case, SkyWindPower, the idea is to build ultra-light energy conversion platforms which float high in the sky. Wind would rotate the turbines, doubling as propellers. How they'd get the power back to the ground is not clear. In the second case, EEStor, they're working on ultracapacitors of previously unreachable energy levels and charging speeds. The latest news from EEStor is a patent but there is a huge amount of industry skepticism about their claims.


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