Need More Fuel? Grow Your Own

Mon, 07/16/2007 - 10:24am

ethEnergy News: This made it onto Slashdot today but in case you missed it, a company called Range Fuels is ready to build America's first cellulosic ethanol production factory. Unlike sugar ethanol, which can only be made from certain plants, cellulose ethanol can be extracted from darn near anything in the forest. Of course it's more expensive, but that is a problem for technology, not nature. The bloggers at ecogeek are right: this is pretty exciting news. Someday we could just grow all the fuel we'll ever need. As stated on Range Fuel's site, "Everything we do, everything we use, and everything we create" (which sounds like a Pink Floyd lyric) can be evaluated by a question of how much energy we use versus how much we return.


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