What's the Purpose of Energy Efficiency? Or Am I Just an Idiot Dorkosaurus Rex?

Fri, 06/15/2007 - 10:45am

evanpicOp-Ed: It happened a month ago: two months after founding The Efficiency Zone, someone in readerland finally posted a reply. They said, "You're an idiot. Energy efficient design is not about saving mother earth. It's about delivering a device that lasts on a battery all day such as a cell phone. All the new devices stress low power needs to keep the battery going, not because an extra mWh is gonna lessen the carbon foot print on Motorola."

Three counter-replies crossed my mind. First, I'm not an idiot, thankyouverymuch -- and thanks for reading this column. Second, why can't energy efficiency be about both saving the planet and saving money? Third, when did we ever say efficiency isn't related to your bottom line?

Look through the posts in our green column here, and you'll see 45 entries before this one. There's a nice variety of products, hard news, op-ed, and some miscellaneousness. There's got to be at least some of you who read a post or two here and were inspired to save money at work by saving energy first.

Comments desired! Use the form below (beneath the ad) or write to me directly at I'm all for an intelligent discussion about energy efficiency. But please save the name-calling for your kid's playground.


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