One of the most hotly debated topics in politics has a direct vein into the engineering community, drones (the hottest debated topic, unless of course you’re talking about 3D printed guns).

As recently reported by NBC News, a company known as Denel Dynamics, out of Pretoria, South Africa, is preparing to test armed drones, which it intends to sell to governments around the world. The article rightfully states, “The company’s move is but one signal that the era when only a small club of countries possessed weaponized drones is drawing to a close.”

I am a fan of not sending soldiers into battle, but I understand that wars still need to be fought (sometimes). Drones are a solution to that conundrum, firepower without the high risk for lives (on our side at least). Putting any ethics aside about drones killing civilians and the lack of a weight of responsibility because pushing a button is easier than risking the life of a U.S. citizen, this technology has already changed warfare for the better of the United States.

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