With the mass proliferation of handheld consumer devices – smartphones, iPods, video games, and every conceivable combination – power has become a ubiquitous requirement. And solar power is, and always has been, the next frontier. The promise of an unlimited, self-sustaining power source is tempting for anyone. It’s into this “charged” atmosphere that CableOrganizer.com introduces their Juicebar Multi-Device Pocket Solar Charger (the company was kind enough to send me a free review copy).

The Juicebar is a 2000 mAh portable battery charger that harnesses the power of the sun as an emergency power source. The device stores up to 2000 mAh of solar power for use with numerous popular consumer devices. The package includes 4 connectors — Micro USB, Mini USB, Nintendo 3DS Cable, Sony PSP — along with a standard USB port so you can use your own charging cable.

CableOrganizer.com says that the first charge should be on USB and will take up to 6 hours. And while the Juicebar will charge your devices directly via solar power, the unit is particularly useful as a backup power source for many of the most popular portable consumer items (my beloved iPhone 4S included).

I found it especially helpful on my recent trip to Florida for Spring Training (and to escape the blistering cold). I love my iPhone like a child, but I’ve always hated its scant battery life. On most plane rides, even short jaunts down the East Coast, my battery runs low — especially if I watch movies or listen to music.

During my flight from Philly to Tampa, I was able to use the Juicebar to top off the iPhone’s wheezing battery and ensure uninterrupted entertainment (how else to pass the time in a giant metal tube for hours on end?). For that, it was a godsend.

The Juicebar Multi-Device Pocket Solar Charger is available from CableOrganizer.com for $49.99.