I have now had the opportunity to participate in many Open Innovation (OI) conferences, and I have heard a lot about (and from) the big players. You know the companies that I’m talking about: P&G, General Mills, Shell, etc.

After attending the Marcus Evans Group’s 7th Annual OI Summit held in Philadelphia, PA from April 15 to 17, 2013, I was delighted to see the evolution currently happening in the OI stratosphere. I was privy to a few surprises in the lineup from non-traditional players in the OI space, making this dynamic open innovations platform technologically enticing.

Warner Brothers

The first organization that caught me by surprise was Warner Brothers, and a presentation led by Ethan Appel, executive director of technology and business strategy. I know what you are thinking, “Warner Brothers is looking at crowdsourcing as a means to write content.” That is not exactly the case here — although wouldn’t it be fun to see a show that was written by the crowd?

Warner Brothers is a fully integrated company, and strives to provide customers with the highest quality entertainment experience. Not only do they produce content, but they also have the proper methodology to distribute it to the masses. With the rise of On-Demand entertainment, it is essential to reach a larger audience with more content options. This is where technology development and a need for external resources come into play.

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