Karma certainly is a swift vixen, isn't she? I was a few hours removed from editing Meaghan Ziemba’s column, Smartphone Shakes, for the latest issue of Wireless Design & Development magazine (PD&D’s sister) when I was retelling the story of her troubles following an incident involving a barroom toilet and her smartphone — nothing pairs well with such sleazy settings, particularly electronics.

While I am not completely ignorant to my own smartphone dependency, I thought that I may fare better than fidgety shakes had I ever become separated from my Motorola Electrify M. I specify the brand to merely shame myself for opting against the Samsung Galaxy S3; its predecessors had never done me wrong and while the Electrify’s price point was alluring (and its salesman convincing), the cheap plastic case makes it feel like a toy in my hand. I’m using Ken’s cellphone.

Last night (4/22/13) marked the first time Spring 2013 reared its head in Wisconsin. The evening was brisk, but ripe for a walk in the twilight with my small family. Typically, these ventures around the neighborhood are reserved for myself and Marshal, my aging dog that has yet to come to terms with his arthritis, but yesterday I was able to persuade my wife to join us and soak in the not-so-frigid temperature.

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