We’ve all probably heard about the incredible perks that Silicon Valley technology companies give their employees. According to a recent AP story, that includes some superfluous perks that sound like they belong more at home in a daycare facility than a multinational technology firm. Apple’s campus-in-progress will feature an orchard for engineers to wander through, while Facebook is wrapping up work on campus that features a B-B-Q shack, a sushi house and a bike shop. At the same time, Google is offering ping pong tables, video game arcades and Lego stations.

It all sounds too good to be true. Except that it’s absolutely the new reality for Silicon Valley companies. Anything less, and engineers won’t apply, and that’s a real problem, because anyone with know-how in that world is aware that engineers can’t be hired fast enough. Bubble or not, things are growing faster than ever.

And it is too good to be true, because those benefits are anything but — they’re ploys to keep workers not happy, but working.

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