As an entrepreneur who takes terrible risks on a daily basis, the European model enhances the opportunity for what we as design engineers have always wanted, freedom. 

If you have ever read this column, you know that I am a student of risk. All of New Product Development (NPD) is about risk on a corporate level. However, entrepreneurial risk is related in the sense that corporations both large and small, from start-ups to behemoths, are faced with risk, and the social systems in which they exist plays a large role in determining how that risk plays out. As a social psychologist, I am increasingly interested in understanding how these systemic influences affect us all.

I have traveled throughout Europe for the past 15 years, and recently opened a PCDworks European office in Pescara, Italy. The experience was both enlightening and maddening. From the excessive hand gestures to interrupting one another in conversation, I can certainly see the genetic roots of my behaviors that my wife dislikes — at least I now believe in DNA determinism.

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