If you’ve been dying to run your business empire without ever leaving your shower, but hadn’t found a good way to do that, you should probably check out Fei Chung Billy Ho’s ‘Le Terme.’

The ‘Le Terme’ is a shower that uses OLED interactive display panels, which act as a touch screen, to sync with your tablet or smartphone and allows you to listen to music, surf the web, or make phone calls. It's in the design stages right now, but is also a finalist for Reece Bathroom Innovations Awards.

It’s built from stainless steel, but features an antibacterial cypress wood base that naturally kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Plus, it helps maintain the temperature.

The design claims to allow users to make direct phone calls “from the comfort of the shower.” I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble with the Bluetooth in my car, which coincidentally, doesn’t have gallons of water rushing through it. This doesn’t seem like an improvement as much as something that’s going to really annoy whoever you’re calling. Being able to surf the web doesn’t sound that useful either unless you’re actually living  in your shower.

I can see the appeal of being able to listen to music, but you could just turn on a radio. As for movie watching, I think I’d rather be sitting on a couch.

This is just an extravagant flaunting of technology. It doesn’t really improve the situation or add anything to the experience; it’s just one giant toy. Unless you’re planning on moving into the shower to save money, it seems like a wasted investment.