Those of you who have been following along with my adventures with the Atmel ATtiny10 at A tiny bit of work and I found a bug, will know that I encountered some problems with the Atmel programmer I bought from Mouser. So I started in last week-end building the Adafruit programmer that I thought would solve my problems. But I ran into a snag. One of the zeners required for the USB connection was left out of the kit and instead I got a 1K resistor. No problem. I contacted them Sunday night in the hopes of getting a replacement early in the week. They did ship on Monday morning but due to delays in the movement of the devices (they sent me two when I needed one - good on them) I didn't get them until late Thursday.

In the mean time I sent the First Mate to the local electronics store, Jaytronics, to pick up a replacement zener. The zener in the board was a 1N747B and unfortunately Jaytronics did not have an exact replacement. The First Mate did bring back something close so I installed that in the board on Wednesday in the AM (I work programmers hours).

Adafruit says that their programmer is compatible with the Atmel software. It may have been compatible with older versions, but it is not compatible with their Studio 6. Ah. Well. They do have their own software suite, but I am going to have to start climbing up that learning curve.

In addition the local Atmel FAE, John Corral, has sent me an STK600 programmer with an ATtiny10 adapter which also arrived Thursday. It may solve my problems. Another learning curve. If you have any problems with Atmel stuff I would contact John because factory support through their www site form has been slow and generally unresponsive.

What does all this mean? It means I won't have anything useful to report for at least a few days and possibly a week. I really wish I could do better than that because I have some commercial products awaiting software for prototype delivery. But life is what it is. Carry on. Fortunately the First Mate keeps me supplied with coffee and cake so I do have an attending nurse. Sweet.

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