Have you ever had an afternoon—possibly every afternoon—where you brain simply refuses to focus on the task at hand? A to-do item that should take a moment takes an hour, an in-depth task is put off till tomorrow and you’re receiving nagging emails from annoyed co-workers?

You should look into the Axio Headband

The Axio Headband uses electroencephalography (EEG) to measure brain activity, specifically the activity of the frontal lobe, which is responsible for “executive activities” like problem solving and information processing.  Using three silver-chloride dry electrodes, the band is able to track your most focused—and most absentminded—moments by recording various electrical and chemical signals sent by synapses in your brain.

The signals are recorded and sent via Bluetooth to your computer, where specialty software tracks your thinking habits.  Plus, the headband rewards your brain for focused thoughts by providing pleasing audio nuerofeedback.

It’s still in the proto-type phases, without an official price, but it could become a hot item for offices and tired workers everywhere.

Photo source: www.axioinc.com