Brent at Talk-Polywell (a nuclear fusion board) left a link there to a list of Maker/Hacker spaces involved in developing equipment for use in space. Here is the list: Hackers In Space. Let me add that it is not just an American phenomenon. One of the spaces on the list is in China. They are focusing on food production in limited spaces.

Another one that caught my eye is Alpha One Labs which is working on Interstellar Propulsion. That is exciting and ambitious at the same time. And it is in Brooklyn, NY. At one time a center of the electronics industry in the day of vacuum tubes. Or as we used to call them when semiconductors were just taking over - "space bottles". Hmmmmmm. And wouldn't you know it. DARPA is involved. They are calling for proposals for a $500,000 grant (over two years) for innovations in hackers spaces that relate to space. Negotiations were ongoing as of May of this year.

The Hobby Space will never be the same. Model rockets were just the beginning.

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