The picture below is of a board I had made by the DorkbotPDX board service. It is a beauty. The gold plating is not guaranteed but depends on what others who use the service pay for. Dorkbot puts a number of boards on a panel in order to get a pretty good price. And the price is $5 a square inch for three boards and includes shipping in the US. This board is exactly 3 square inches and its cost was $15 for 3 boards or $5 a board. The service took about twenty days from submission to delivery. You will note that the edges are not fully routed and the break off tabs are still visible. This is not a problem in most cases (or you could use a file to smooth the edges), but something you should be aware of.

Next week I will explain what the board is for. But today I just wanted to get the news out about what a wonderful service these board makers provide.

0You can see my original write up of the service at Notes from the electronic underground

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