M-SimonGreenArrays, a company I have written about extensively is opening an on line institute for those who want to learn more about how to program and use their chips. They call it the Array Forth Institute. First time log-in is fast and simple. I haven't inspected their first offering but I have worked on line with the author, Charley Shattuck, and have found him to be really good at explaining things.

The chip is not the most obvious to program, but I have written a few programs for it and I liked it. I have written a traditional "Mary Has A Little Lamb" program that fits exactly into their 64 word program memory. That includes the player (a bit bang) and the music. Fun stuff. I probably should write it up.

You can read about their plans for the institute at GreenArrays Tech. Or visit their main site for the latest goodies including chips and development boards.

And on a completely unrelated note and for your amusement only SchmartBoard has a music video which I like. Flogging their products naturally. It has a good beat and you can dance to it. Which was the criteria used in radio back in the dark ages (60s and 70s when they still required an engineer on site whenever the transmitter was transmitting). I still get nostalgic when I hear the band Rush doing "The Spirit of Radio".

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