Tensilica and mimoOn showed LTE User Equipment and an eNodeB PHY with real-time downlink and uplink traffic at Mobile World Congress today. The radio demo was built on Tensilica’s Atlas LTE reference platform implementing the ConnX BBE16 DSP and Tensilica Dataplane Processors (DPUs). It uses mimoOn’s mi!MobilePHY software for LTE handsets and their LTE Intermediate Library, which has now been ported to Tensilica’s ConnX DPUs. The demonstration is software upgradable so it can also support HSPA+ and WiMAX.

mimoOn’s mi!MobilePHY software implements a 3GPP release 8 FDD and TDD fully compliant LTE PHY for terminals. Optimized for low memory, processing power and power consumption, it uses algorithms such as advanced MIMO detectors. Complementing mimoOn’s terminal solution are portable, high performance eNodeB PHY and protocol stack products.

The Tensilica-based Atlas hardware LTE Reference Platform incorporates all of the required functionality to build an efficient software programmable radio with no need for additional external hardware blocks. It employs Tensilica’s ConnX BBE16 DSP coupled with the ConnX SSP16, ConnX BSP3 and ConnX Turbo16MS DPUs for efficient offload programmable acceleration.

“We were able to test our complete LTE software solution and prove that Tensilica’s hardware has sufficient processing capability to handle all of the requirements of this demanding application,” stated Brian Meads, mimoOn’s vice president of marketing. “Through the three years we have been working with Tensilica, they have been able to further optimise their cores to provide an even smaller power/area footprint.”