M-SimonA while back I wrote about one of the cutest test instruments I have ever seen. An oscilloscope that can fit in your watch pocket. Since I wrote that I have been looking at the Xprotolab manual and have come to the conclusion that a really thorough evaluation of an instrument with so many features is going to take a while. Still, it is just so darned cute (and very handy as an indicator for small projects) that I couldn't resist taking a photo so you can see the Xprotolab in operation.

The Xprotolab in operation

It has some very nice features such as an OLED screen and software that automatically shuts down the screen after about 15 minutes of inactivity. It can do FFTs, act as an arbitrary waveform generator, do protocol sniffing, and it can be used as a meter or frequency counter. Among other things. Which is why the evaluation will take a while.

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