Comcast Cable Communications has selected GreenPeak's controller chips in conjunction with ZigBee RF4CE technology for use in television remote controls for its Xfinity TV service. The companies also are in the process of standardising an MSO profile protocol optimised for service operators' needs which will be open for all operators and CE companies to adopt.GreenPeak has been working closely with Comcast to deliver an enhanced remote control experience that offers greater responsiveness and non-line-of-sight device operation. Because this new technology uses RF, the set-top box no longer needs to be placed within a direct-line-of-sight of the remote control, giving consumers the option to place their set-top boxes in a range of locations within the home, including behind television sets or inside of cabinets. This new experience also extends the battery life of the remote control to as much as 3 years, GreenPeak says.