M-SimonThere are no doubt some diehards (like me) out there who have been playing around with the GreenArrays Software Suite (free download), but with all the things you need to learn (it seems like all at once) it is pretty tough sledding. After several weeks of pain I have come up with a way to get started in a few hours or less. There are only three things to do. The first is to learn the editor. Not everything. Just enough to get by. You can do that by reading about a page of text and practicing. I also show you how to make a restore copy of the system so in case your edit has gone horribly bad you can restore the arrayForth system to a working condition. That takes about a minute. Then there are two pages of text to edit. Just make your pages look like the ones at the link.

Most of the editing consists of erasing things (use the "N" key) and entering a couple of lines of code and changing one number. Not too tough. Now comes the really easy part. Running the simulator. The core paragraph explaining how to do it is under 100 words. There are only four simple commands to learn to get you going. And for all you engineers who never learned touch typing I give all my commands and command charts as direct keyboard references, so you know what keys to look for. For those of you who touch type Chapter 3 of the arrayForth manual explains how to do that. Now you are ready to try out some programs and see what happens. Have fun. I am.