Dale Wilson When joining Lime I saw an innovative company with an exciting product with a fantastic 'yes we can' attitude and an opportunity to be a key part of this, helping to implement and affect its plans for market capitalisation. There is a significant change coming. Unlike 3G, LTE has been designed with small cells in mind. These small cell base stations add the necessary capacity and my instincts are proving to be right as demand for Lime's technology is growing quickly.

Like 3G, LTE has adopted several standards and is being deployed across several bands, principally 700MHz, 1700MHz and 2.6GHz. There are trade-offs between frequency bands, range and data rate which creates a significant need for multi standard, multi frequency transceivers that allow OEMs to create a single small cell or repeater design that serves all geographical markets. 

There are a handful of periods in a company's growth that are exciting yet vital to get right. The shift from VC funded product design into sales and organic growth is both significant and one that I enjoy enormously. Lime is at the point of this shift and is in the process of ramping sales. The company is about to hit higher volume production of its transceiver and is gaining orders from customers across the globe; for both 3G and 4G platforms.

The company has an exciting product and one that brings serious benefits to communication equipment manufacturers. I feel Lime is one to watch as its technology is fully commercialised.