Irene SignorinoThe benefits of LEDs are driving adoption in a wide range of general illumination applications due to the unique characteristics of this novel light source. The reasons for choosing LED are many, but the deciding factor is strongly dependent on where the fixture is used. For example:

• LEDs are the light source of choice in high cost of maintenance systems like street lights due to their longer expected life.

• Industrial customers, who according to the U.S Energy Information Administration ( pay monthly electricity bills up to a few thousands of dollars, favor the higher efficiency of the LED fixtures and the resulting lower utility bills.

• Retail customers highly value the precise color tuning and potential for customizable color mixing: the resulting high color rendering index (CRI) of the light source ensures the products are always literally presented under the best possible light.

Another usually overlooked benefit of SSL is the lack of radiated heat generated by the light source. LED used in applications where heat is a non-welcome addition (i.e. fixtures illuminating perishable food in supermarkets or fixtures used in an industrial kitchens just to give two examples) will generate indirect benefits through lowered cooling costs.