Jeff JusselSince Newark’s element14 community launched two years ago, we’re proud of the fact that hundreds of thousands of engineers have used our resources to connect and collaborate with industry experts and peers. We’ve combined a technical portal, engineering community and electronics store in one destination, giving engineers an extensive research and product library, scores of focused sub-groups (from lighting to power management to embedded systems), free RoadTests of the latest products, comprehensive legislation guidance, and direct access to Newark’s website with more than 500 top electronics brands.

Our true purpose is to help engineers throughout every stage of their design process, from research to prototyping. The recent launch of the element14 knode is a testament to that commitment. Dubbed “the Google for engineers” by an industry analyst, the element14 knode enables engineers to quickly research, evaluate and purchase vetted solutions, software and services. This can save engineers hundreds of hours in the design process. Right now, the element14 knode is in its “beta” stage, and as we continue to grow this resource, users can look forward to new content and solutions being added on a regular basis. Feel free to test it out and let us know what you think.

The launch of the element14 knode is the first enhancement in Newark’s long-term journey to consolidate under the element14 name in North America, and indicative of the value Newark and element14 bring to engineers as they become one seamless portal for technical knowledge and design solutions.

element14 has also engaged the wider electronics community—makers, modders and DIYers who are driving a renewed interest in engineering and science—through our popular bi-weekly online television series, “The Ben Heck Show.” Since the show’s debut less than a year ago, the “mad modder” has attracted nearly 2 million views worldwide, and is continuing into its second season this fall.

We can’t celebrate our birthday without celebrating our community members and their participation, which continues to grow each month. In appreciation, we’re giving away 214 gifts during the month of July, including seven Fluke multimeters. New members are eligible for prizes too; and ECN readers are invited to join the ongoing celebration and be part of the element14 community. We look forward to seeing you on the community!