Joyce YeungEveryone loves to receive awards. It’s a feather in the cap. And companies love to showcase their awards. We’ve all walked into offices and in the middle of the room is a trophy case, boasting all sorts of accolades. But it’s important that our opinion about a recipient of an award isn’t masked by the number of distinctions, but why it was awarded and who nominated them.    

In the majority of cases, the measurement criteria for business-related awards reflect far more than just the highest revenue numbers. They also reflect the companies’ reputation, their credibility and the quality of the products and services that they provide to their customers.  In the area of technological innovation, a great deal of weight is given to the impact that these new technologies and products will have on the related industries.  Will they enable customers to solve ongoing problems more cost-effectively? Will these new technologies enable manufacturers to get to their products to market faster?  Will these new products facilitate the development of “green” consumer electronics without compromising performance quality?  

In the past seven months, TAOS, Inc has received two regional awards for outstanding growth and a prestigious national award recognizing its light sensing technology leadership in the development of “green” HDTVs (hear what Ken Lowe, President of Vizio is saying about TAOS sensors in their HDTVs).  In November 2010, TAOS received a Dallas 100 Award as one of the top 100 fastest growing privately-held companies in the Dallas area – for the third consecutive year.  On May 17, 2011, TAOS, Inc. announced that the company had received a Comerica Bank Collin 60 award as one of the 60 strongest companies in Collin County, Texas and the surrounding North Texas area.  In December 2010, TAOS received a 2010 TV Innovation Award in the Green Technology category because, according to Ian Weightman, President, IMS Research, the administrator of the TV Innovation Awards, the judges “were clearly impressed with the unique capabilities and maturity of the TAOS digital ambient light sensing solution.”    

These awards definitely recognize TAOS as the pioneer in ambient light sensing solutions as well as the company’s solid reputation and credibility in display management. Beyond that, these awards are a clear affirmation of how this small company, which was established 13 years ago with niche optosensor products for niche markets, evolved into a powerhouse of a company that today is a recognized technology innovator and the leading global supplier of light sensing solutions not only for the consumer electronics market but also for the computer, industrial, life & fitness, healthcare, and solid state lighting markets.