BSC Computer GmbH has been announced as a promoter of the EnOcean Alliance, lending its weight to the application of batteryless EnOcean technology in TCP/IP communication systems. A member of the EnOcean Alliance since its formation, BSC Computer integrates the energy harvesting technology in its infrastructure solutions for building management.

As an EnOcean Alliance promoter, BSC Computer will invest its technical expertise in continuing the development of the EnOcean standard. Alliance members recently published a new version of the open specification, for the first time featuring profiles for bidirectional device communication.

Established in 2008, the EnOcean Alliance now totals over 170 members worldwide, nine with promoter status. Members integrate EnOcean’s self-powered wireless technology in their building services and electronic solutions, drawing energy from their surroundings – from motion, light or temperature differences. There are already some 700 products for home, building and industrial automation enabled by this technology.

Controlling a building over the internet