With soaring energy costs, all sectors are feeling the crunch, including the thermoelectrics industry. But Nextreme Thermal Solutions has a plan to stem the tide. One potential solution is to convert a system’s thermal energy waste into a functional resource. Using a grant from the North Carolina Green Business Fund, Nextreme plans to optimize their thin-film growth process with the goal of doubling the power output of a single device from 250 mW to 500 mW. The company’s thin-film embedded thermoelectric generator (eTEG) produces electricity via the “Seebeck effect”, where electricity is produced from a temperature differential applied across the device. Thus far, using a thin, nano-engineered material, they’ve been able to deliver a Seebeck coefficient 150% greater than conventional thermoelectric material, and because the materials can be engineered at a nano-scale, more improvement options are available. Unlike standard bulk thermoelectric devices, the company’s thin-film thermoelectric materials are able to convert waste heat to electrical energy in a nano-scale form factor.

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