Op-Ed: Plenty of energy-efficiency news piled up while I was on vacation last week. Much of the time I was at the Mountain View, Calif. Computer History Museum, where they happen to be hosting a few Smart cars. That made me wonder what I was missing back home, so here are the highlights. Tomorrow the National Renewable Energy Lab will announce the winner(s) of the annual Clean Energy Entrepreneur of the Year award. There are 31 candidates -- look for a follow-up interview with the winner(s) here in The Efficiency Zone. Meanwhile, four JC Penney stores in Washington state are new recipients of the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star label; this is the first time retail stores are eligible for such distinction. Also last week, Cree announced it's taking its own medicine, and "plans to convert all lighting at its Durham headquarters and manufacturing facility to LED lighting," officials said. (Note: external links open in new windows.)