typewriterOp-Ed: Two years ago, while editing a non-ECN technology newsletter, I stumbled onto this headline: "CRM School: A ray of hope for mentally retarded children." I wasn't sure whether to laugh or be offended because it sounded so strange. The hyperlink went to an Indian domain, which gave it credibility, but ... was this a joke, or a tale of some slimy corporation, or what? I clicked the link and then decided laughter was the right reaction: instead of being the "CRM" I expected, the headline was: "Chenga Reddy Memorial School for Mentally Retarded Children." Fast-forward to this morning, when I found a headline stating, "ECN to Promote Use of Energy Devices." Huh? Nobody told me about this story. So again I clicked, and again I got a laugh. Began the story, "Director-General, Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Prof. Abdullahi Sambo, has said the renewable energy devices developed by ECN are ready for commercialisation and mass production." Humans are still smarter than machines! Well, most of us. :)