Energy News: TechTurn processed 86,000 pounds of used electronics at its recent Earth Day recycling event in Washington, D.C., officials said. Dell, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Recycling Coalition sponsored the event, which drew 500 people donating 2,000 computer devices in total.

“Participating in the Earth Day event not only reduced the amount of e-waste that pollutes our landfills, but also provides affordable computer equipment for those who need it.  TechTurn believes that re-use is the highest form of recycling, and most of what we collect at events like this is returned to productive use,” TechTurn president Jake Player said yesterday.

TechTurn brought the equipment, which includes all major brands of desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, and peripherals, to its facility in Richmond, Virginia. There, they wipe all date before sorting the products for resale or recycling.

Editor's note: not all electronics should be recycled! Many computing devices from the 1980s and older are collector items. To learn more, please visit my personal blog.