e_arrows.jpgProductive Product: The Tesla Roaster isn't your only choice in high-end electric sports cars anymore.  A new choice is the Hybrid Technologies L1X-75 -- check out the Popular Mechanics story and The Wall Street Journal video.

If you're an engineer, then the chances are high that you've built a 1/10th scale radio-controlled car kit, piloted a dragster from 0-70 in 3.5 seconds at the Malibu Speedzone, or got back on line for a second spin at Disney World's EPCOT Test Track ride.  In which case, like me, you already know the thrill of electric torque.

My own ride, a turbo Miata, is already lightweight, powerful, and pull-me-over-red.  But with some aftermarket performance modifications, it gobbles (premium!) gasoline like a Winnebago.

So I'm thinking that a head-to-head product review might be in order -- say, Tesla vs. L1X-75 vs. Lotus Exige.  :)

All under the banner of studying their electronic components, of course!

April 13 - Update: Check out Cnet's feature on Green Cars of the Future.