Productive Product: PolyFuel announced two new patents that may help make fuel cells smaller, lightweight, less expensive, and longer lasting. They are no. 7,094,490, “Ion Conductive Block Copolymers” and no. 7,202,001, “Sulfonated Copolymer” both covering the chemistry behind advances hydrocarbon polymer membrane technology.

The new hydrocarbon membranes self-assemble proton channels which are smaller than those in previous technologies. That means the polymer matrix is stronger and swells less. The result is that more of the water and methanol remain on the fuel side of the cell, creating more electricity, and leaving behind less heat, water, and CO2. Fuel cell packaging, in turn, can be made smaller, lighter, less expensive, and sturdier.

PolyFuel counts NEC, Samsung, and Sanyo as its users. PolyFuel.