Energy News: The Ontario Power Authority plans to build North America's largest solar power station, containing hundreds of thousands of cells and producing 40 megawatts. The news dwarfs that of a 15-megawatt station announced last week for a U.S. Air Force base in Nevada. The field will probably cost approximately U.S. $300 million and will power 10,000-15,000 homes daily, officials said. Read the Toronto Star article.

A company called OptiSolar will handle construction and maintenance. According to the Star, "The company hopes to break ground in 2008 after getting the necessary municipal zoning approvals and building permits. It has already purchased the real estate it needs, mostly low-value farm and industrial land, and has full backing of the local community. ... The company says it has developed a way of mass-producing solar cells in a way that dramatically lowers the cost of the technology, making it competitive with conventional forms of electricity generation."